Hydrogen Peroxide 7.5%

Hydrogen Peroxide 7.5%

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is mainly used during the cleaning, disinfecting, manufacturing, and or cooking of food products.
Hydrogen peroxide is a household cleaner which has disinfectant, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties. Hydrogen Peroxide is a naturally-occurring compound used primarily as an antiseptic to kill bacteria and other organisms, but is also used in cosmetics, tooth care products, surface disinfectants, as well as a bleaching agent to bleach food, paper, and other products.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a versatile substance and all-in-one solution that can be used in a host of other ways around your house and garden. It is a great germ-killer for: Bathtubs, sinks, showers, counters, cutting boards, doorknobs, garbage cans, mirrors, refrigerators, toilets, and toys, it kill mold and mildew, remove stains. In your garden to sprout healthy seeds, treat plants with fungal infections. Use it to induce vomiting for poisoned dogs, or clean out the litter box. It can be used to whitens carpet, removes clothing stains, brightens tile grout, makes ceramic cookware gleam, sanitizes beauty & nail care tools, and keep your toothbrush clean.
Depending on its purpose it is important to know what concentration of hydrogen peroxide you are using. This material is hazardous according to the criteria of EPA New Zealand.
Classified as a Dangerous Good according to NZS 5433:2012 Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land.
Classified as hazardous according to criteria in the Hazardous Substances (Minimum Degrees of Hazard) Notice2017 and the Hazardous Substances (Classification) Notice 2017.
Subclass 5.1.1 Category B (Oxidising Substances that are solids or liquids: medium hazard) - Oxidising Substances.
Subclass 6.1 Category D - Substances which are acutely toxic.
Subclass 6.9 Category B - Substances that are harmful to human target organs or systems.
Subclass 8.2 Category B - Substances that are corrosive to dermal tissue.

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