Sodium Hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite

Controls algae and bacteria in swimming pools
Suitable for shock treatments and daily chlorination
Liquid chlorine is the easiest and fastest way to add sanitizer to your pool. Liquid chlorine maintains the health of your pool and keeps it clean by destroying and preventing algae/bacteria growth in pool water.
Effective as part of a routine pool maintenance program
Colourless so will not cloud pool water

Equipment sanitizing
General Dairy cleaning
Green Algae and moss remover

The liquid sodium hypochlorite used for swimming pools is a concentrated form of household bleach. The bleach used for laundry is typically a six-percent strength. Swimming-pool liquid sodium hypochlorite is available in strengths ranging from eight to as high as 12.5 percent. This is great for the swimming pool because liquid is ready to disinfect immediately without any need to dissolve or break down. That means that bacteria and algae are quickly disrupted.

Depending on its purpose it is important to know what concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite you are using. This material is hazardous according to the criteria of EPA New Zealand.
Classified as a Dangerous Good according to NZS 5433:2012 Transport of Dangerous Goods on Land.
Classified as hazardous according to criteria in the Hazardous Substances (Minimum Degrees of Hazard) Notice2017 and the Hazardous Substances (Classification) Notice 2017.

MSDS Sheets available

Important Shipping Information: This product is classified as a Dangerous Good and requires special transportation. Please allow extra time for delivery.

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