Pond Mirror Dye

Pond Mirror Dye

Wolf Aqua Pro Pond Mirror Dye is a highly concentrated, professional strength food grade dye specifically designed to control algae and submerged aquatic weed growth whilst
providing an attractive reflective surface which protects fish from predators and hides unsightly features at the bottom of the pond.
Long lasting, averages 3-4 months before maintainence top-ups 10% of the original dose monthly
✓ Non -toxic to fish, birds, humans, pets, wildlife & aquatic plants.
✓ Can be safely use in conjunction with other pond treatments.
✓ Available in Blue and Black Pigments
✓ Modifies the water column so red spectrum wavelengths are partly blocked to interrupt the photosynthesis process to restrict algae and weed growth.

MSDS Sheets available

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